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Website updates, changes and corrections.

Updates that have been made to the ESD No. 5 website will be noted here.  Regular updates, such as providing post-meeting Agenda, Financial and Minutes posting will not be shown.  Regular updates will usually take place a few days after each scheduled meeting of the ESD Commisioners, typically set for the third Wednesday of each month.


2014-02-25  Web creation

The ESD No.5 website has been separated from the ELBVFD website.  This is being done to allow improved search engine identification (for individuals trying to locate the ESD No.5 web) and to un-bind from the ELBVFD web pages. 


2014-02-26 Adding financial reporting information

Moving various financial reports, agenda postings and meeting minutes for the 2013 year and current fiscal year (2014) underway.


2015-03-19 ISO rating changes to 8B on March 11th, 2015

Added information to the News section regarding the ISO ratings change


2021-02-27 Updated all SB-2 & HB-305 required information

Periodic updates for Agendas, Minutes, Treasurer Reports, Budgets, Property taxes, Board members, etc


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